It's never too late to follow your dreams. Kelesha Martin is a shining example and living proof of this. After retiring from a career in classroom teaching and Visual and Performing Arts, Kelesha followed her heart back to her first love-music. Starting as a pianist, then devout flautist, she later, and more recently, began exploring digital recording and production tools, namely, Cubase and Reason. After learning through a series of online courses, Kelesha was naturally drawn back to her roots with piano which has become the foundational instrument of her work.

In 2016, Kelesha sought out collaborators with the goal of releasing a series of singles. Through her membership in Music Gateway she collaborated with Cori Jacobs, a voting member for the Grammy Awards. To begin, Cori requested that Kelesha send him her best keyboard demo which set the tone for their collaborative relationship. Under Cori's direction, Kelesha stretched her abilities and talents beyond expectation for each recording from that point forward. Another close collaboration Kelesha has continued to work with on songs and production is Kellie Rivers. Other pivotal figures in Kelesha's music career include Richard Adams, Elena Duran, Scott Bowen, Jennifer Shaw Navarrete, Dr. Wesley Broadnax, and the San Joaquin Delta College Music Department.


The first achievement of Kelesha's music career was being awarded finalist in the Applebeam Songwriting contest in 2010. Most recently, Kelesha has written a symphony that was recorded and primarily performed by B.Z. Lewis, Six time Emmy Award winning engineer and producer. B.Z., a Classical Music Major, was the perfect featured artist for this. Kelesha was composer and pianist on the score. In addition to this, she has recorded with B.Z. for sixteen years now, as he continues to make her vocals shine.

"Looking Up to You" by Kelesha was placed on the Spotify playlist "Instrumental Sunday Tunes" by the Trouble Notes in September of 2021.

Recent and current projects include:

  • First official music video where Kelesha plays piano, and Alto Flute on the instrumental version, and sings background vocals, dancing on both. LaShonda Roberts choreographed the dance routine for the video.
  • Furthering her flute training and moving in Jazz Flute as Kelesha remixes one of her vocals for flute and saxophone in collaboration with Keven Julien, accredited artist/musician and producer.
  • Band directing at SUSD, as a Substitute Music Teacher.
  • Soprano Flute and Treasurer in local group-Wednesday Morning Musicale.

Alto Flute in the Sacramento Flute Club. (Kelesha took private lessons in Soprano and Alto Flute from Matt Krejci of UOP).

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming single to be released between late 2021-early 2022 featuring Kelesha singing background vocals. She trained at SJDC with vocal teacher Tim Swaim and later June Spencer.