Kelesha may have started out as a flautist, but time would stretch her after her early retirement from teaching.  Kelesha took classes online in Cubase, Mixing and Reason and she really did not know where that would lead her at the time. Kelesha started to change as a songwriter in the last few years realizing that the piano could provide the natural dynamics in the song, instead of using automation to achieve a similar results.

She had not utilized her private Sight-Singing knowledge or skills since being a choir director at Adams Elementary School in 2009. Then, Kelesha was in a position to create vocal references for the lead and background vocalists for her latest album. Finally, she had a real life application of her training as choir director. Kelesha wondered if she could apply what she had learned under the instruction of Dr. Wesley Broadnax, Director of Bands at Cal State East Bay.

Kelesha still was not sure if singles or an album would result from her efforts. About that time she started looking for people to collaborate with for singles.That is when she met Cori Jacobs through Music Gateway. During the two years she worked with Cori online, Kelesha was inspired to do more songwriting than usual. During this time she was also a Substitute Music Teacher for two years in a row.  Around that time Kelesha was asked to join a band. She had the best environment for songwriting by teaching and making music in the last several years.

While in the band she was writing music and working with a vocalist named Cynthia Gibson at Keys to Life Christian Fellowship.One of the songs they worked on was called "Yes Today". The lyrics came to Kelesha as she woke up one morning.

She could go on and on but Kelesha would like to thank Richard Adams who advised her in High School to pursue Music beyond High School. She would also like to thank Elena Duran, her private flute teacher from the House of Woodwinds as well as Carol Mae Scott, her private teacher at San Joaquin Delta College. Kelesha would like to thank her voice teacher, Tim Swaim at Delta College. Kelesha did not expect to use some of those techniques with her choir students and Cynthia who she mentored privately. She would also like to thank her college mentor and instructor- Dr. Scott Bowen at Delta College who believed in Kelesha as she took educational leave for two non-consecutive semesters to take Music Theory at San Joaquin Delta College. Also, her thanks go to her Sight-Singing teacher Jennifer Shaw Navarrete.  

Kelesha has written one symphony that has the endorsement of B.Z. Lewis, multi Emmy Award winning songwriter and producer. Kelesha hopes to market the symphony in 2019. 

Kelesha is currently honing her band directing skills in SUSD as a Substitute Teacher. She is also taking private lessons so she can double in the Sacramento Flute Club. She will soon begin lessons on the lap steel guitar so she can score her second piece and first song featuring Kelesha on Alto Flute and possibly Lap Slide Guitar.