Kelesha may have started out as a flautist, but time would stretch her after her early retirement from teaching.  Kelesha took classes online in Cubase, Mixing and Reason and she really did not know where that would lead her at the time. Kelesha started to change as a songwriter in the last few years realizing that the piano could provide the natural dynamics in the song, instead of using digital recording techniques exclusively to achieve the desired results.

(In 2016, Kelesha still was not sure if singles or an album would result from her efforts. About that time she started looking for people to collaborate with for singles.That is when she met Cori Jacobs through Music Gateway. He required that Kelesha only send her very best keyboard demo to him. That raised the bar! Under Cori's direction, Kelesha was inspired to do more songwriting and at a higher level of complexity than she had pursued before. Another big influence in Kelesha raising the bar was working with Matt Young. He is responsible for Editing the tracks on her last album. She must acknowledge Kellie Rivers. She was the first one Kelesha pitched a song to. It was called "Earth Day" written and arranged by Kelesha. Later, Kellie made time in her busy schedule to sing "Show Your Love" on the last album released in October of 2018. These are people she worked closely with. Without them Kelesha would not be where she is today!)

While in the band at Keys to Life Christian Fellowship Kelesha worked with a talented vocalist named Cynthia Gibson. One of the songs they worked on was called "Yes Today". The lyrics came to Kelesha as she woke up one morning. That song is on the latest album.

(She could go on and on but Kelesha would like to thank Richard Adams (who advised her in High School to pursue Music beyond High School). She would also like to thank Elena Duran, her private instructor during childhood  (who is a world renowned flautist), Dr. Scott Bowen, and Carol Mae Scott two instructors at San Joaquin Delta College, Jennifer Shaw Navarrete-Laney College, and Dr. Wesley Broadnax who was then the Director of Bands at now Cal State East Bay.)  Kelesha has a  mentor locally named Shad Harris who has helped guide her in Songwriting. He recommended classes for her to take and critiqued several of her songs lyrics over the last ten years.

Kelesha has written one symphony. recorded by B. Z. Lewis, Six time Emmy Award winning engineer and producer. Kelesha hopes to market the symphony when the time is right.

Kelesha has recently been honing her band directing skills for SUSD as a Substitute Music Teacher. Kelesha is a member of the Sacramento Flute Club where she plays Alto Flute. She is also in a local group called Wednesday Morning Musicale, where she plays Soprano Flute exclusively. Her piano accompanist is Bill Shook, who is well known in the Stockton-Lodi area.

Kelesha was planning to learn lap guitar, after writing a song in 2019, but decided to focus on recording a few more songs on the Alto Flute since she has been playing Alto Flute for over a year now and takes private lessons with Matt Krejci of University of the Pacific. 

Kelesha is ready to narrow her style with the influence of Hubert Laws, Burt Bacharach and countless others including many composers of classical origin.