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First video featuring Kelesha singing -Coming next year 

After being someone who helps indigent people one-on-one who are trying to provide a service such as holding the door at the post office, I was moved to write this song. It will be released next year on You tube as my first video. I will be singing. Stay tuned! It is called "Share a Smile".

I have another video called "Earth Day" but this new song will feature me singing not just writing the music and lyrics. Just when I thought I was finished singing!  I may as well share my music as singer-songwriter while I still can.

Every now and then I put videos together about Social Consciousness.

Stay tuned!


All four singles released or submitted for release 

Next week you will see all four singles available for download on this website or available for streaming on your favorite music service, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal and many more. The titles are "What Is a Friend, "Show Your Love, "Hear My Prayer" and "My Special Friend".



First Single Released Today on Website 

What Is a Friend? has been released today. It will be available through distributors in the next few days!

 This song is one of four singles to be previewed from my album "Love Notes". 

Thanks for your patience family and friends!


Love Notes -Singles Update 

I am preparing to release 2 singles from the album in September. The names of the songs are "My Special Friend"-(dedicated to my mother)  and "What Is a Friend?" with me on the flute. Details of where you can hear it coming very soon!

Stay Tuned!

P.S. With listeners trying to figure out my style I will start with instrumental and add the singles that are vocals later. That will be less confusing!

Singles come before albums 

Leave it to me to to think that I can release the album and then four singles later. That is not how it is done so, I am going

to be releasing four singles before I release the album. Why? I read an article about DIY ( Do it yourself) Musicians, which

I am and that is how you do it. I will release my first single in September, the second single in October, the third single in

November and the four single in December.


These singles will be a preview of the album. Then, in January I will be ready to release the album-Love Notes. Why

September you might ask? I am in the process of becoming a DIY Musician. Finally, I understand what is involved.

So, I need to wait until I am official before I can stream the music from the upcoming release. The singles will be

available on Spotify and Amazon Music to name a few.


Friday, July 6th the Countdown begins 

Hold tight everyone!

It's coming soon! Yes, there's some Praise and Worship!  Yes, there's a Jazzy Instrumental!

Yes, there's some Classical! Yes, there's a little Meditation Music!

So prepare your heart to be lifted up!

Kellie Rivers sings "Earth Day" on April 22nd on YouTube-written by Kelesha Martin 

So you may ask what has Kelesha been up to? Well, I just finished a song I started last year in February in a Songwriting Class. 
  I was going to enter it in a competition. Instead, this year I decided to cast someone to sing it to get the
word out about Earth Day 2015. I was originally a Health Science Major in college and this song gives me a chance to share another side
of me you may may never have heard.

Stay tuned for Kellie Rivers singing "Earth Day" on YouTube Wednesday April 22nd! She sings it with great sincerity and purpose!

Thanks Kellie!