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T-Shirts-for upcoming release for large orders  

As it turns out I wanted replicated CD's instead of 140 of duplicated CD's.  The minimum order  on replicated discs that are

of higher quality and play on different machines is 300.

There are two offers available:

1)I am offering T-Shirts to the first 20 people who sell 10 cd's each. My brother is getting this going with an order of 40 CD's-4 T-shirts.  Some people use thermometers to show the progress in meeting goals. I am using T-shirts. I will order a maximum of 20 T-shirts, as needed.

2) Those who purchase 10 of This Songs' For You Volume 1 and 10 of the new release will get a 20% discount and 1 T-Shirt.

Why T-shirts? I believe people these days want to spread the news when they believe in something.

Sometimes it is just easier to advertise with the clothes you wear! My husband thinks it is a good idea also!

Stay tuned! Projected CD release is by July!

Pre-Ordering Love Notes 

I am now accepting pre-orders on my final CD-Love Notes.  I would appreciate you providing your email address to reserve

it for you. (The pre-order will expire 90 days after the release date of the album.)

I do not want to order a lot of extra CDs so the pre-order will help me estimate how many CD's I will sell on my website and in person.

 The CD's will sell for $12.00 which includes shipping and handling. ($2.00 will cover shipping and handling)

I will order no more than 140 CDs, twenty of which have been pre-ordered.


Kelesha Martin

Final CD Release-Physical CD's only 

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have invited several of my facebook friends to my facebook musician page because it looks like I am getting close to releasing my final album called "Love Notes". I project the release to be between June and September at the latest.

I am accepting preorders now. I am ordering 140 initially. Since pre-ordering has begun unofficially, I just wanted to make it official for everyone!



Thank You Sheila 

A member of the Tracy Community band was asked to play the flute on my first release of the song "Looking Up to You". I would have played the flute but I had just had surgery. Thank you Sheila!

There are two versions of this song as a result, Sheila's version on Bandcamp and the digital flute version on this website. Enjoy both of them.

Recording with Studio Pros 

Back in 2012, I recorded a song at two studios. The song was "Spread the Love". I recorded at Studio 132 with BZ Lewis and at the studio of my mentor and friend Shad Harris. This week, four years later I decided to do the song right and have professional bass guitar added to Shad's version. I chose Studio Pros and they did a great job. I plan to share it in the next six months. I do not regret recording one song two ways. It does amaze me how two producers interpreted the song totally differently! Stay tuned so you can share your comments about the song. One will be shared as a vocal and the other will be shared as an instrumental. 

New Song on Bandcamp, Facebook and CD Baby-Edited 

It has been a while coming but,I have a new song to share. It is available on Bandcamp and Facebook. There is currently a link on the homepage

of my website. Eventually you will be able to listen to the music in one step on my website.

When you click on "bc" on Facebook -Kelesha Martin Musician you will be able to hear it. You can go to Bandcamp directly

to hear it. It is called "Looking Up to You". This is also available at CD Baby.

 I would like to thank Larry Sue and Genji Johnson for their contribution to this project. I would like to thank those who put the song together -B.Z. Lewis -Engineer,

Crazy Daisy Productions-Mixing and SoundLab-Mastering. Finished Cover Graphics completed by Audrey Soloman.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

Kelesha Martin

Kellie Rivers sings "Earth Day" on April 22nd on YouTube-written by Kelesha Martin 

So you may ask what has Kelesha been up to? Well, I just finished a song I started last year in February in a Songwriting Class. 
  I was going to enter it in a competition. Instead, this year I decided to cast someone to sing it to get the
word out about Earth Day 2015. I was originally a Health Science Major in college and this song gives me a chance to share another side
of me you may may never have heard.

Stay tuned for Kellie Rivers singing "Earth Day" on YouTube Wednesday April 22nd! She sings it with great sincerity and purpose!

Thanks Kellie!

Earth Day -Veterans Memorial Park-4/25/15 12:30pm 

I will be singing "Earth Day" at Veterans Memorial Park in Downtown Napa at 12:30pm
The program will be from 10:15am to 3:00pm

I would like to thank Shad Harris for his guidance in my songwriting career. I would also like to thank B.Z. Lewis for his work on music production
including his LIVE musicianship on the guitar. I would also like to thank Kellie Rivers for singing this song on Earth Day 2015.

Sponsor Recognition 

I would like to thank MacPro Video for their sponsorship of the Kelesha Martin Book Fund.

I took a Propellerhead Reason class in 2014 and MacPro Video helped me get my head around the subject
faster than I would have on my own. 2015 is my last year I plan to use the tutorials but I have learned a lot. I have
EZ Drummer 2 yet to learn. Thanks for empowering me to operate my Home Studio and
help show the younger generation that dreams can come true if you believe and put in the work!