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Kelesha's Monthly Gigs 

I put a repertoire of Christian Music together over the years. I have played this music at Keys to Life in Stockton, CA. for several years.

In the last six months I had an informal invitation to play flute at the church of a High School classmate. OK, I am ready!

A deposit of $20 is required to reserve the date. Payment must be by money order or cashier's check. On the day of the event if there is no cancellation, I return your $20.00.

I know there are plenty of musicians who will charge to play for your event but, not as many who just want the opportunity to share

in your special event and have a chance to share and sell their music when the event is over.

I am not a DJ.I am a flautist who will perform one song you choose from my website page as specials at your event. I choose the other song from one I wrote.That is a total of two songs. 

I am available any day except Monday and Thursday.  I need 2 months advanced notice. I will put a schedule together once there is a response to this post. I am also a Substitute Arts Teacher, so I only reserve one gig per month. Oakland and Berkeley are acceptable cities for me to play but I require the opportunity to play two of my songs from one of my CD's. So that is a total of three songs. One you requested and two of mine.

Monthly Update February 

Well, I got the idea to tone down a song I wrote as a result of an online class. With that said, the album is now 10 tracks long. There will be 4 instrumentals and 6 vocals.

I look forward to telling you when you the recording is complete.

Stay tuned in the next two to three months when I believe I will be able to share that with you!

Kelesha Martin

Monthly Update-December 

i knew 8 tracks was a bit short for an album. I recently changed the title from "Love Notes" to "My Story". I wrote a song years ago that has that theme.

It seemed like a better title because although it may be a common title, everyone's story is unique! I was recently inspired to rearrange that song and now I am happy

to share that the CD will be 9 tracks after all!

Monthly Update-November 

I am working on completing my final album. After much contemplation I have decided to make it a 8 track album. No changing this time. I had a ninth song but it has a great chorus and great message but the rest of the song needs more development.

 I aim to release this album by June or no later than July. It is a major collaboration effort for me. I look forward to seeing it all come together.

This time I am almost looking at this album like a well baked cake. "No hurry" as Kellie Rivers, one of the vocalists on the upcoming album would say. She sang "Earth Day" in 2015. To get a preview of her voice go to my home page.

Stay Tuned!


Monthly Update 

I will be providing a monthly update on my website which I will share here on Facebook. It will let you know when one of the songs from the upcoming album will be

offered as a free download on Noisetrade. There is one song currently available for free download from my first album.

Recording with Studio Pros 

Back in 2012, I recorded a song at two studios. The song was "Spread the Love". I recorded at Studio 132 with BZ Lewis and at the studio of my mentor and friend Shad Harris. This week, four years later I decided to do the song right and have professional bass guitar added to Shad's version. I chose Studio Pros and they did a great job. I plan to share it in the next six months. I do not regret recording one song two ways. It does amaze me how two producers interpreted the song totally differently! Stay tuned so you can share your comments about the song. One will be shared as a vocal and the other will be shared as an instrumental. 

New Song on Bandcamp, Facebook and CD Baby-Edited 

It has been a while coming but,I have a new song to share. It is available on Bandcamp and Facebook. There is currently a link on the homepage

of my website. Eventually you will be able to listen to the music in one step on my website.

When you click on "bc" on Facebook -Kelesha Martin Musician you will be able to hear it. You can go to Bandcamp directly

to hear it. It is called "Looking Up to You". This is also available at CD Baby.

 I would like to thank Larry Sue and Genji Johnson for their contribution to this project. I would like to thank those who put the song together -B.Z. Lewis -Engineer,

Crazy Daisy Productions-Mixing and SoundLab-Mastering. Finished Cover Graphics completed by Audrey Soloman.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

Kelesha Martin

Kellie Rivers sings "Earth Day" on April 22nd on YouTube-written by Kelesha Martin 

So you may ask what has Kelesha been up to? Well, I just finished a song I started last year in February in a Songwriting Class. 
  I was going to enter it in a competition. Instead, this year I decided to cast someone to sing it to get the
word out about Earth Day 2015. I was originally a Health Science Major in college and this song gives me a chance to share another side
of me you may may never have heard.

Stay tuned for Kellie Rivers singing "Earth Day" on YouTube Wednesday April 22nd! She sings it with great sincerity and purpose!

Thanks Kellie!

Earth Day -Veterans Memorial Park-4/25/15 12:30pm 

I will be singing "Earth Day" at Veterans Memorial Park in Downtown Napa at 12:30pm
The program will be from 10:15am to 3:00pm

I would like to thank Shad Harris for his guidance in my songwriting career. I would also like to thank B.Z. Lewis for his work on music production
including his LIVE musicianship on the guitar. I would also like to thank Kellie Rivers for singing this song on Earth Day 2015.