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Singles come before albums 

Leave it to me to to think that I can release the album and then four singles later. That is not how it is done so, I am going to be releasing

four singles before I release the album. Why? I read an article about DIY ( Do it yourself) Musicians, which I am and that is how you do it.

I will release my first single in September, the second single in October, the third single in November and the four single in December.

These will be a preview of the album. Then, in January I will be ready to release the album-Love Notes. Why September you might ask.

 I am in the process of becoming a DIY Musician. Finally, I understand what is involved.

So I need to wait until I am official before I can stream the music from the upcoming release.


Love Notes Update 8-3-18 

August still looks good as the release month. I won't lie, I have had a few production issues that have made getting this music to  

you a challenge. I have a marketing strategy I must adhere to so I don't step on a CD when I walk around. I must sell 150 CD's

before I start streaming this album. This goal should not be difficult to reach since I have pre-orders for almost 100 CD's already. 

Stay tuned, August 27th is not far away!

Love Notes Update 7-27-18 

Oasis has everything it needs from me at this point. I listened repeated and gave the music the green light yesterday. 

I hesitate to give you the date they gave me so I would hope to release the cd by the August 27th, which happens to be

a month from today!

Love Notes Update 

The Project "Love Notes" has been submitted for Mastering. The company Mastering is also the company manufacturing the CD's.

Please look for my next update Friday, July 20th! 

As soon as I have an estimate of the release date I will share it with you!


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Friday, July 6th the Countdown begins 

Hold tight everyone!

It's coming soon! Yes, there's some Praise and Worship!  Yes, there's a Jazzy Instrumental!

Yes, there's some Classical! Yes, there's a little Meditation Music!

So prepare your heart to be lifted up!

Preparing for the "Count Down"- 

You may ask how close I am to CD release. I plan to start CD production in the next 5-10 business days or 2 weeks. I already have t-shirts on the way for those

who sell 10 t-shirts. So things are moving along! So you may ask how I define "Count Down".

Here is my definition: When I have submitted everything-music and graphic arts to the CD manufacturer and I am waiting for the cd project to go into production and be sent to me that is what I call "Count Down". 

Rather than trying to figure out the exact day of release, I would rather promise to get it to you in July. So starting the first week in July there will be a weekly blog- with the first one called "1st Update".  I will provide subsequent updates every week thereafter until the CD is released.



T-Shirts-for upcoming release for large orders  

As it turns out I wanted replicated CD's instead of 140 of duplicated CD's.  The minimum order  on replicated discs that are

of higher quality and play on different machines is 300.

There are two offers available:

1)I am offering T-Shirts to the first 20 people who sell 10 cd's each. My brother is getting this going with an order of 40 CD's-4 T-shirts.  Some people use thermometers to show the progress in meeting goals. I am using T-shirts. I will order a maximum of 20 T-shirts, as needed.

2) Those who purchase 10 of This Songs' For You Volume 1 and 10 of the new release will get a 20% discount and 1 T-Shirt.

Why T-shirts? I believe people these days want to spread the news when they believe in something.

Sometimes it is just easier to advertise with the clothes you wear! My husband thinks it is a good idea also!

Stay tuned! Projected CD release is by July!

Pre-Ordering Love Notes 

I am now accepting pre-orders on my final CD-Love Notes.  I would appreciate you providing your email address to reserve

it for you. (The pre-order will expire 90 days after the release date of the album.)

I do not want to order a lot of extra CDs so the pre-order will help me estimate how many CD's I will sell on my website and in person.

 The CD's will sell for $12.00 which includes shipping and handling. ($2.00 will cover shipping and handling)

I will order no more than 140 CDs, twenty of which have been pre-ordered.


Kelesha Martin