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Thanks to Shad Harris 

My mentor Shad Harris told me about Drooble last month and I am so pleased with the results! I have placed one song from my latest album

"Love Notes" on Drooble Radio and it is doing very well! 

Love Notes -Singles Update 

I am preparing to release 2 singles from the album in September. The names of the songs are "My Special Friend"-(dedicated to my mother)  and "What Is a Friend?" with me on the flute. Details of where you can hear it coming very soon!

Stay Tuned!

P.S. With listeners trying to figure out my style I will start with instrumental and add the singles that are vocals later. That will be less confusing!

Kellie Rivers sings "Earth Day" on April 22nd on YouTube-written by Kelesha Martin 

So you may ask what has Kelesha been up to? Well, I just finished a song I started last year in February in a Songwriting Class. 
  I was going to enter it in a competition. Instead, this year I decided to cast someone to sing it to get the
word out about Earth Day 2015. I was originally a Health Science Major in college and this song gives me a chance to share another side
of me you may may never have heard.

Stay tuned for Kellie Rivers singing "Earth Day" on YouTube Wednesday April 22nd! She sings it with great sincerity and purpose!

Thanks Kellie!

Earth Day -Veterans Memorial Park-4/25/15 12:30pm 

I will be singing "Earth Day" at Veterans Memorial Park in Downtown Napa at 12:30pm
The program will be from 10:15am to 3:00pm

I would like to thank Shad Harris for his guidance in my songwriting career. I would also like to thank B.Z. Lewis for his work on music production
including his LIVE musicianship on the guitar. I would also like to thank Kellie Rivers for singing this song on Earth Day 2015.

Sponsor Recognition 

I would like to thank MacPro Video for their sponsorship of the Kelesha Martin Book Fund.

I took a Propellerhead Reason class in 2014 and MacPro Video helped me get my head around the subject
faster than I would have on my own. 2015 is my last year I plan to use the tutorials but I have learned a lot. I have
EZ Drummer 2 yet to learn. Thanks for empowering me to operate my Home Studio and
help show the younger generation that dreams can come true if you believe and put in the work!