New Single -Back to Love

I have a new single called "Back to Love". I have released it as an instrumental but I am involving listeners in the process to release the vocal version.

The vocal version can be sampled on Facebook, and Reverbnation…

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New Video and Single coming in February

I am releasing my first video on February 1st. It will be on Facebook, Reverbnation and on my website. I am also releasing my next single on or around Valentine's Day. 

Both the instrumental and vocal versions of "Back…

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Three Months of Thank You's

My company Kay Lei Music would like to thank the donors who have made my new mission of making masks for music and vice versa possible.

April donor- Wayne Martin

May Donor-Pat Mayorga

June Donor- Like Coughran

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I have a New Gig

I will be performing on Valentine's Day. It is a private engagement but I just wanted you to know I am performing and 

excited to be adding the Alto Flute to my instrument list as well as Soprano Flute.

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My thanks to B.Z. Lewis and Cori Jacobs!

I am very pleased with how the new ballad sounds. I look forward to sharing it both as a video on Drooble and song on this website. There will be a vocal and instrumental version available.


Thanks to Shad Harris

My mentor Shad Harris told me about Drooble last month and I am so pleased with the results! I have placed three songs from my latest album

"Love Notes" on Drooble Radio and one of them has over 1K…

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Thanks for your support-Updated 12-30-19

I would like to thank my friends and family who purchasd my latest album-Love Notes!

In 2020 I will be focussing on downloads only. The January download option only costs ten to twenty cents. Just invite 5 people to…

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New Release October 2nd or 3rd

The album "Love Notes" will be released on October 13th.  I decided to make it official!


Kelesha Martin


Earth Day -Veterans Memorial Park-4/25/15 12:30pm

I will be singing "Earth Day" at Veterans Memorial Park in Downtown Napa at 12:30pm
The program will be from 10:15am to 3:00pm

I would like to thank Shad Harris for his guidance in my songwriting career. I would also…Read more

Sponsor Recognition

I would like to thank MacPro Video for their sponsorship of the Kelesha Martin Book Fund.

I took a Propellerhead Reason class in 2014 and MacPro Video helped me get my head around the subject
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RAWArtists and me

On May 1, 2013 I had my last gig. Some people have busy gig schedules and they love that. I do not require a lot of gigs to be content.
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Thanks to KRNN Public Radio in Juneau, Alaska

I would like to thank KRNN for playing "There Once Was a Man". I believe it to be
one of my most heartfelt performances recorded ever. It was on a sampler sent
to their radio station by Oasis CD Manufacturing…Read more