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Welcome to my website!  (Bio Update 9-25-21)

Are you looking for the latest release- Say Hello to Fall. It is on the music page.

(I will have that changed so you don't have to go to a new page to listen!)

Thanks for your patience while I make improvements to the website!


Website under reconstruction currently-Stay Tuned!

Sound Samples-







The full length instrumental video has now been made public.

The vocal single will be released February 2022 and the vocal video will be released by Summer of 2022.Those on the mailing list will have a video preview in April.

More on that in a newsletter for those on the mailing list this Fall.




Thanks to Cori Jacobs, Kellie Rivers, B.Z. Lewis and Kevin Julien for their continued support in my Music and Video endeavors.

Thanks to Matt Young for Editing, Performance and Mastering of several tracks on "Love Notes". Thanks to my mentor Shad Harris who helped me understand songwriting hands-on and by critiquing my lyrics.

Also, thanks to my sister, Ronita Johnson for her lead vocals on "Sisters" and "Love Notes". My brother Robert has helped as band member, duet partner and Marketing agent. He can be heard on soprano saxophone on the EP "Sunrise Serenade and the upcoming release "Say Hello to Fall".

Finally, I would like to thank my husband Wayne, who helped make my first CD's possible. 



 Favorite Saying #1

"Music is the universal language" 

(Small picture of me in the studio.)

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