Welcome to Kelesha's Place,

Welcome to my homepage!   (Updated 6-11-18).

After writing over thirty songs it is almost time to slow down and spend more time with my family, and just lighten up! 

I am planning a new release no later than July or August. I would like to thank the following people.

Cori Jacobs, B.Z. Lewis of Studio 132, Lindsey from Studio Pros, Matt Young from Press Recording, Kevin Julien, Kellie Rivers, Shad Harris of the Groovenators, Kevin Steele,Gustavo Porras from Red Lion Studio,Cynthia Gibson, Jacob Wilson, Sheila Sherman and my sister Ronita Johnson.
My name is Kelesha Martin and I am a songwriter, Substitute Arts Teacher, background vocalist and home recording artist. 
I have taken classes in Propellerhead Reason, Cubase, Mixing, Songwriting and most recently Melodyne Editor.

 Starnow is where I met two talented artist: Kellie Rivers, vocalists and graphic artists, and most recently, Kevin Sharpe. Details of their contributions will be included in my new CD scheduled to be released in July, 2018. Some of the artist, musicians, and others went beyond the call of duty spending countless hours to get this album as close to perfect as possible.

Kati O'Toole and the engineer at Studio Pros are two such people!

 I would like to thank Music Gateway, who gave me a chance to work with Cori Jacobs who wrote string and drum parts to contribute in a major way to this album. He has contributed to most if not all songs to some degree on the entire album.  He also is responsible for flute and vocal revoicing. His talent over the course of the project was greatly appreciated! Another artist musician I worked with through Music Gateway was Kevin Julien.

I have everyone who helped to thank but by working with Kellie I had a chance to work with Gustavo Porras, of Red Lion Studio in Florida. He arranged and recorded vocals, performed LIVE drums and was featured on strings. He has recorded vocals for Kellie Rivers who will be a featured artist on the new 10 track CD to be released soon!

After Cori Jacobs made his contribution I worked a lot with Matt Young, of Press Recording Studio. I did a lot of recording, re-voicing, and editing at his studio. He is featured performing electric guitar and bass. 

Cynthia Gibson, is a vocalist who spent months on her lead vocal "Yes Today". I am so glad her voice matched the voice of the background vocalist Lindsey who is heard on most of the vocals!

Finally, I would like to thank my sister. She and I sing a song called "Eyes on You" that has special meaning for me. The person I speak of inspiring me in the lyrics is my sister Ronita. I especially love the LIVE drums by Kevin Sharpe, Shad Harris and Gustavo Porras.

Stay tuned!


May this music bring you peace and well-being!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this website.

Finally, I would like to thank my husband Wayne, whose financial
contribution helped make my first two CD's possible. Also, I would be remiss if I did not
thank my brother, Robert J. Thomas aka Jazzy Jerome, who took the album "Sunrise Serenade" all over
the world to share and distribute. It is because of Robert's commitment to helping the global community
that the goal of giving book scholarships to SUSD High Schools was met. Robert who is on the EP
also ministered to the needs of servicemen with that music.

Kelesha Martin  
for clips/download

Earth Day by Kelesha Martin -vocals by Kellie Rivers- www.Youtube.com/watch?V=Gt5XyWNMTAE