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Welcome to my website!  (Update 9-17-21)


For the video and single release of "Back to Love" the vocal, I am planning website reconstruction. I will let you know when it will take place.



The full length instrumental video has now been made public.  

The vocal single will be released next year. I am singing background vocals since I love to harmonize! You may wonder where the instrumental single went. I decided it was good enough for the instrumental video but not good enough to be a single on Deezer,etc. I gave it a chance to prove itself and the response was not sufficient. There will be a vocal single in the next few months!

 Thanks for your support and stay tuned.


After much debate I have decided to put the vocal video on YouTube. I will be moving the instrumental to Vimeo soon to give the vocal video more focus as it prepares for it's debut!

I will notify those on the e-mail list when the vocal video will be available after the vocal single is released.


I will keep you posted.




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Stay tuned!


More details

Cori Jacobs, is responsible for most of the creative aspects of the new video. He also mixed and mastered the single as both an instrumental and vocal. Barbara Ve and Jeffrey Griffith were the videographers for this Music Video. Zachary Smart is responsible for Color Grading on the instrumental/academic version. James Austen is responsible for the color grading and finalization of the vocal version.

 B.Z. Lewis of Poptuna and multi-Emmy Award winning producer and artist,  is the co-producer for the single who recorded the background vocals and  alto flute. Kellie Rivers has handled all the Marketing aspects of the project including video promotion and graphic design for the singles. The choreographer for both videos is LaShonda Roberts.  There was not supposed to be two videos, but I’m glad there are two. In the second shoot of the dance routine, LaShonda wore two hats as choreographer and videographer.


Interested in Inspirational Music, or Classical? 

www. http://kelesha martin.bandcamp.com

 Stay tuned!


P.S. Thanks to Cori Jacobs, Kellie Rivers and B.Z. Lewis for their continued support in my Music and Video endeavors.

Thanks to Matt Young for Editing, Performance and Mastering of several tracks on "Love Notes"

Thanks to my sister, Ronita Johnson for her lead vocals on two albums


Thanks for taking the time to check out this website.

Finally, I would like to thank my husband Wayne, whose financial
contribution helped make my first two CD's possible. Also, I would be remiss if I did not
thank my brother, Robert J. Thomas aka Jazzy Jerome, who played saxophone on the album "Sunrise Serenade" 
and took it all over the world to share and distribute.





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