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My first Podcast 

I have been asked to be on a Podcast in October. I am excited and have been making an effort to find new media coverage for myself and those I collaborate with.

Wish me luck!


Vote for your top freebies 

I believe in getting your input so let me know what your top six favorite songs are in the list of 12, so I can make them the freebies in the next six months. 



What next? 

I invited a classmate and good friend to join me for my next song. It is a revision of "A Family Again".

It was a online class assigment in 2015, that I want to revisit.

I plan to continue adding download for the next 2 to 3 years or until I reach 20 songs.

Early Bird Special 

Anyone who subscribes before August 1st will get three months free. If you subscribe -8/1/22 through 10/31/22 at

Tier 1 will offer free downloads of all titles.

Starting August 1st Tier 1 will be $1/month and Tier 2 will be $2/month.


Thanks for your time,

Kelesha Martin

New Release-Sweet Moments by Kelesha and Jerome 

My brother is a poet and I am a songwriter. This was my first time turning a poem into a song. 

It will be released July 22nd. It will be on Spotify, iTunes and more.




New feature for mailing list effective 8-1-22 

I have decided to add a new feature to the mailing list. Not only will there still be a monthly free download but if you invite a friend to join the mailing list, and they join, you get one years free subscription.

Will there be one more dance video? 

I want to make a least one more dance video. 

I plan to learn a new routine when LaShonda has time to teach me. Next time

it does not need to be my song.


 I got inspired to learn a dance routine a second time listening to a song on Spotify recently.

Learning another routine will give me a chance to make a video just for my mailing list and 

soon to be subscribers as a thank you for your support.


Take care,






Three Song Line-Up 

1) Sweet Moments will be released in the next three months. 

2) A Family Again will be released no later than March 2023

3) Share a Smile-performed at my 2018 CD Release Party will be released no later than 2024.

Join my mailing list for more details. Those on the mailing will see Mini Promo release first!




Welcome to Kelesha's Place,



The full length instrumental video has now been made public.

The vocal single will be released February 2022 and the vocal video will be released by Summer of 2022.Those on the mailing list will have a video preview in April.

More on that in a newsletter for those on the mailing list this Fall.


Family Acknowledgements

Also, thanks to my sister, Ronita Johnson for her lead vocals on "Sisters" and "Love Notes". My brother Robert has helped as band member, duet partner and Marketing agent. He can be heard on soprano saxophone on the EP "Sunrise Serenade and the upcoming release "Say Hello to Fall".

Finally, I would like to thank my husband Wayne, who helped make my first CD's possible. 



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