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Upcoming Vocal 

I just recorded my first lead vocal in 15 years. Stay tuned while I take pictures and have the cd cover designed to match the piece.

I think it is in the style of Nora Jones. If this is my last song, I am ok with that!

(I took ukelele lessons for a year and I arranged part of the string part for this piece to be released no later than January 2023. 

I have only spent this much time arranging a song once before when I wrote a score called "Looking Up to You" in 2015.




Mystery Solved 

Back in 2017, a talented singer from Studio Pros sang on my latest album. Friends and relatives raved about her voice but I kept wondering what her real name is. I think I know.

Studio Pros said she was born in New Orleans and was on X Factor. So I believe the lead singer on the the album "Love Notes" is Rachel Lindsey Potter.

She is singing on at least four or five songs on the album!

I was so lucky to have her as a featured artist!

New Video Link in HD just for those on the mailing list 

You should have received the link for the Vocal version of Back to Love if you are on the mailing list. If you have not received your link please let me know and I will send it to you.

Only the full color graded version is available in High Definition. 



Kelesha Martin



A simple version of Ready, Set, Go! 

On February 3rd both vocal  videos will be released on YouTube. The one that gets the most views as of  March 3rd will stay on YouTube. The one that comes in second will be taken down from YouTube and only be available on my website.

Ready, Set, Go!- A contest between two videos 

When the new single is released 2-3-22, there will be two videos available on this website only. The only ones who can view them are those on the mailing list. The first video to get the most views will leave the site and either go to YouTube or Vimeo.

You will get to view one of the videos exclusively here on the website, as long as there are music sales that year.

I have already had music sales this year so one video will remain year for 2022, thanks to CM who made a purchase of music this month.

One video will be streamed from Vimeo and the other will be streamed from YouTube.

Sharing these videos is my way of showing my appreciation for your support in joining my mailing list and buying music, if you wish!


Kelesha Martin

Valentine's Month Release 

Next month I will release my vocal single -All Comes Back to Love. It features Shay from Studio Pros as lead vocal and me as the background vocalist.

In addition, two versions of the vocal video will be available here on the website for those on the mailing list. If the mailing list reaches around 100, the video will be shared on either Vimeo or YouTube.

Stay Tuned!

Thank you Dana! 

A patron on BandCamp donated a substantial amount to help provide masks to the Stockton community for masks. This whole amount will go to purchase masks for the 2022-23 school year. The masks for 2021-2022 were donated by Kelesha Martin. Let’s keep this going!

Who can add a Frequently Asked Question? 

Either you or I can add to the "Frequently Asked Questions". If you have a question that I think others would also have then I will add it to the list.

I will not include your name unless you request that I do.



Hear My Prayer-on the radio and on Bandcamp 

After the Love Notes album was released I continued to scrutinize whether all the songs on the album were mastered to their fullest. I had four songs re-mastered and Hear My Prayer was one of them.

This song is special because it is perhaps the best illustration of my vocal arranging. 

It can be heard on ITNS Radio on Saturday afternoons and is available for download on Bandcamp!

Thanks for your support!


New Single -Back to Love 

I have a new single called "Back to Love". I have released it as an instrumental but I am involving listeners in the process to release the vocal version.

The vocal version can be sampled on Facebook, and Reverbnation. Once a couple people have time to see the preview of the video I will feel more comfortable releasing the vocal version.



Welcome to Kelesha's Place,



The full length instrumental video has now been made public.

The vocal single will be released February 2022 and the vocal video will be released by Summer of 2022.Those on the mailing list will have a video preview in April.

More on that in a newsletter for those on the mailing list this Fall.


Family Acknowledgements

Also, thanks to my sister, Ronita Johnson for her lead vocals on "Sisters" and "Love Notes". My brother Robert has helped as band member, duet partner and Marketing agent. He can be heard on soprano saxophone on the EP "Sunrise Serenade and the upcoming release "Say Hello to Fall".

Finally, I would like to thank my husband Wayne, who helped make my first CD's possible. 



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