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What’s Up! 

Well, back in 2018, I had a CD Release Party. I wrote a song called “Share a Smile”. Up until now I had not recorded it in the studio. 

 Yes, I have decided to share this on my YouTube channel soon! Stay tuned it won’t be long before it is ready to share.

It features Patricia Canada on lead vocals. The music and lyrics were written by Kelesha Martin.

String, Piano and Drum Arrangement by Cori Jacobs 

Guitar arrangement by Kelesha Martin

Mixed by B.Z. Lewis 

Guitar by B.Z. Lewis

As usual it is a song to bring our world together in love! The LIVE performance is on this website from 2018. Enjoy!

Liquidation Sale 

I am selling all CD's for $4.00/each including shipping. 

This Songs For You-Instrumental-$4-including s&h

This Songs For You-Vocal-$4 including s&h

Love Notes-$4 including s &h

Sunrise Serenade-Sold by the box-$100

Anyone interested in buying all of the remaining “Sunrise Serenade EP's that was labeled an “In the green”, please notify me. I would sell you the remaining EP's for about $100.


Physical CD sales 

Since sales are not regular on this website, I no longer have access to physical cd sales promotion. I can still sell the available CD’s via Zelle or PayPal.

If you need to contact me email me to buy music email me at Or call me at 209-471-2011

The purpose of buying music on this website 

This website has had donations of music for masks and music for money for students. With the stormy weather there are many left with damage. Those on the mailing list can buy music at a donation price of $5.00 for CD’s and $3.00 for the EP.

What's New for 2023 

Some of you may have figured that it makes sense for me to create a video to go with my latest single "Sweet Moments". 

I have worked with some talented video editors so I will select one of them. That is my priority in 2023. 

You will be the first to know who are on the mailing list. It will be on Youtube once released.

Happy Holidays!



Exercise and Yoga Music 

Have you listened to Sunrise Serenade?

It is perfect for your short workout or yoga time. Yes, I use it daily myself! 

The military has endorsed it too! 



My first Podcast 

I have been asked to be on a Podcast in October. I am excited and have been making an effort to find new media coverage for myself and those I collaborate with.

Wish me luck!


Vote for your top freebies 

I believe in getting your input so let me know what your top six favorite songs are in the list of 12, so I can make them the freebies in the next six months. 



What next? 

I invited a classmate and good friend to join me for my next song. It is a revision of "A Family Again".

It was a online class assigment in 2015, that I want to revisit.

I plan to continue adding download for the next 2 to 3 years or until I reach 20 songs.



The full length instrumental video has now been made public.

The vocal single will be released February 2022 and the vocal video will be released by Summer of 2022.Those on the mailing list will have a video preview in April.

More on that in a newsletter for those on the mailing list this Fall.


Family Acknowledgements

Also, thanks to my sister, Ronita Johnson for her lead vocals on "Sisters" and "Love Notes". My brother Robert has helped as band member, duet partner and Marketing agent. He can be heard on soprano saxophone on the EP "Sunrise Serenade and the upcoming release "Say Hello to Fall".

Finally, I would like to thank my husband Wayne, who helped make my first CD's possible. 



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