Thanks for your support-Updated 12-30-19

I would like to thank my friends and family who purchasd my latest album-Love Notes!

In 2020 I will be focussing on downloads only. The January download option only costs ten to twenty cents. Just invite 5 people to join the mailing list  and download a song. Then, BEFORE they join or download a song give me their last names at least a day before they join the mailing list and win a free 7 track EP for ALL six of you with postage paid. That's six downloads in exchange for 6 EP's. This is an introductory offer for one month starting January 1, 2020. Allow two weeks to receive the 7 track EP.

Each month there will be a different offer. I have four albums so that means the offer you've been waiting for is just around the corner!

The way I am setting this website up is you don't need to buy the albums. You can win them by telling your friends and family about this website. 

Let's work together in 2020 so that I can bring new music to this website!