RAWArtists and me

On May 1, 2013 I had my last gig. Some people have busy gig schedules and they love that. I do not require a lot of gigs to be content.
I believe it was a blessing to find RAWArtists. I have a membership with Sonicbids. And that is where it all started

It was through Sonicbids that RAWArtists selected me. I love that their focus is on my craft and helping
me expand my fan base by getting to share my music with the world. They have several perks.

Since I was a Visual and Performing Arts Teacher, I taught Drama, Art, Music and Dance.That experience taught me to appreciate other
peoples perspective. I graded students based on rubrics, not simply my opinion. It is with the unbiased mind and eyes of a teacher that I came to RAWArtist.

 I asked myself this question in the later half of 2012 year- Would I like to have a regular gig so I did not need to worry about where the next gig would come from? The answer I gave was, "Who wouldn't?" RAWArtists is like a community. It takes care of my need to be heard live. I need to be able to share hope and
joy with people everywhere, not only where I live. RAWArtists allows me to do that for a live audience!

Frequently in front of people sharing or performing music since I was a child and continuing through adulthood, I appreciate an organization that let's me share skills I have been honing my whole life. Thanks, RAWartists!